Fall Pricing


Our goal at Grace Arts is to make the arts as accessible to everyone as it possibly can be. If you are unable to pay the rate below, please contact us so we can meet and discuss an option that would work for you!

All of our pricing is done using family rates. Please add up your family's class hours for your installment rate. If you have two students in one hour long class each, your tuition for the Fall would be $60/installment, or $240 total for the Fall Session

Fall Session Installment Rates
(Four installments are due during the Fall Session)

30-45 minutes per week: $40/installment
1 hour per week: $45/installment
1.5 hours per week: $52.50/installment

2 hours per week: $60/installment
2.5 hours per week: $67.50/installment

3 hours per week: $75/installment
3.5 hours per week: $82.50/installment

4 hours per week:

For any additional hours, add $10/installment
**All online payments have a 3.2% convenience fee. To avoid this fee, please bring a cash/check payment prior to auto-pay running on the second week of each month. Auto-pay will not be run on accounts that have made cash/check payments