COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated 06/02/2021


  • Parents will not be allowed to stay in the building. Students will be dropped off at the front door and can be walked to the end of the ramp. Upon entering, all students’ temperatures will be taken using a non-contact thermometer. If the student’s temperature is 100.4 or above, students will not be allowed to attend class and must return home. Once allowed in, students will put on hand sanitizer or, if preferred, can go to the utility sinks to wash their hands for 20 seconds. Students should arrive five minutes before class begins to give them time to place their belongings in the designated storage areas. 

  • The main lobby, room 2, and secondary lobby will be converted into storage areas. There will be designated spots for students to place their outside shoes/belongings. Students must wear outside shoes into the building and change into their dance shoes while in their designated storage area. Water fountains will be closed, so students are advised to bring their own labeled water bottle. Please do not bring food into the building.

  • Masks will be worn during class for ages 5 and up, unless they have a medical exemption OR each parent in the class has given permission for their student to be unmasked. If even one parent would like their student to be masked, that entire class will be masked. Masks will be worn in the lobby at all times.

  • No shared props (scarves, stuffed animals, etc.) will be used during class, and all activities that utilize hand holding or any other form of physical contact have been removed from the curriculum.

  • Students taking class in Studio 6 will exit out of the very left door. Students taking class in Studio 3, 4, or 5 will exit out of the middle door. Students taking class in Studio 1 will exit out of the very right door. Students will be given hand sanitizer on their way out the door.

Payment/Enrollment Details

  • Due to our limited class sizes, to ensure payment, we are requiring all families be enrolled in auto-pay for the Summer. Auto-pay will be run on July 25th. If you wish to pay prior to this date or in two parts, payment one is due the week of June 28th and payment two is due the week of July 19th. To avoid the 3.2% convenience fee, please bring cash/check to the studio during those weeks.

  • Tuition rates are final based on the full session price and are not based on attendance. If a class is missed, you are welcome to contact us to schedule a make-up class.

  • If diagnosed with COVID-19, please let our staff know IMMEDIATELY. If at any point this happens and/or we feel it is unsafe to continue classes in the studio, the season’s classes will happen online via zoom at their scheduled times for the following two weeks.