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Back in 2014, Grace Arts was started with the simple goal of making dance classes affordable for everyone. Growing up in a house with four children, Miss Faith knew how much of a struggle paying for extracurriculars could be for a family, and wanted to make a way for kids to be able to do what they loved without putting a burden on their caretakers.

Grace Arts quickly became a huge success! After a year of running programs in a Kung Fu studio, a coffee shop, and a neighborhood community center, we found that we needed to find a location of our own to accommodate the 100+ students we had the privilege of getting to work with every week.

Fast forward to today: Grace Arts now has a central location directly off of the interstate on Midlothian Turnpike, with hundreds of families traveling to our facility each week. Our mission has remained the same throughout; above all else we want to make classes in the arts accessible to all families, regardless of income. And we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us as we work to make this dream a reality.
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