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Where we started..

Grace Arts is a program that was started in 2014 by Faith Price. After watching so many shy, insecure children blossom after taking a dance class, Ms. Price wanted to allow all children in the city of Richmond to have that opportunity, regardless of their financial situation. She also wanted to make sure that there were classes available for kids living in all areas of Richmond, so looked for ways to make her locations accessible by all through managing carpooling and holding extra classes at local programs.


The launching of Grace Arts was a huge success. Beginning in a shared location, we now hold classes for hundreds of children, teaching kids skills in the arts and working our hardest to build up their confidence with every hour we have the opportunity to spend with them.


Where we're going.

From the beginning, we've wanted to be more than 'just another dance studio'.


Though we just started out with dance classes, we have started to expand our program offerings to include things like drama and art too. Our overall mission remains the same; we want to make these classes accessible to all people, regardless of their circumstances.


But our vision is even bigger. We would love to help out families who lack transporation. We also would love to start a program to help out those single parents who never get a break. Maybe some music programs, additional styles of dance added in...


Currently we look forward to expanding so that we can continue to impact our community and provide everyone with valuable skills that promote creativity and confidence!

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