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During this time of isolation,      we're offering virtual parties!

We know it's hard for your kids to have to be away from their friends, especially on their birthdays. That's why we're offering 45-minute virtual parties for your kids to be able to see their friends and celebrate!




-We will give you a password protected room on Zoom to send out to your child's friends. If you'd like, we'll even make your invitations! We will have a 5-minute greeting period so the kids can say hello to each other before the games begin.


-We will then do 35 minutes of activities based on your child's interests/age group. Is your child into Elsa & ballet? We'll do ballet activities and utilize music from the movie! Does your kid love animals? We'll base it all on animals - reading an animal book, playing animal games, and even doing a scavenger hunt to find animals in your individual houses!


-At the end, we'll have all of the kids sing happy birthday to the birthday child while they blow out their candles from home. We'll then set aside a bit of time for the kids to say good-bye to each other before the end of the party. If you'd like, we can even set aside extra time free of charge at the very end for just family members to join in and spend time online with the birthday child!


-Once the party is done, we'll send you some online thank you cards that you can email out to your child's friends!



Interested? Email [email protected] for more information!

virtual b-day party