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This 6-week Summer Session runs from June 25th to August 5th with NO class on July 4th. July 4th classes will be made up on Wednesday, August 8th.


Age Groups:


Twirling Tots: 2

Tiny: 3-4

Elementary: 5-7

Junior: 8-11

Teen: 12-17

Adult: 18+


*Please note, this schedule is not yet complete as we are in the process of finalizing instructor schedules! If there is a class you would love to see, please feel free to send a recommendation to info@graceartsva.com so we can take it into consideration




9-10 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap DY

10-11 Elementary Ballet DY

11-12 Junior/Teen Ballet/Contemporary DY


9:30-10 Twirling Tots FP

10-10:30 Tiny Tumblers FP

11-12 Elementary Tumbling FP

12-1 Junior/Teen Tumbling FP


4-5 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap- FP

5-6 Int/Adv Tumbling FP

6-7:30 Upper Level Performers Technique FP


4:30-5 Twirling Tots TBD

5-6 Elementary Ballet TBD

6-7 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap TBD

7-8 Elementary Ballet TBD


5-5:45 Tiny Dancers Jazz Funk CT

5:45-6:15 Tiny Tumblers CT

6:30-7:30 Junior/Teen Hip Hop CT

7:30-8:30 Adult Hip Hop CT


5-5:30 Twirling Tots EG

5:30-6 Tiny Artists EG

6-7 Elementary Drama EG




3:30-4:30 Creative Club EA

4:30-5 Twirling Tots EA

5-6 Int/Adv Tap EA

6-7 Beginning Junior/Teen Tap EA


3:15-4 Tiny Dancers Ballet FP

4-5 Junior/Teen Beginning Ballet FP

5-6 Junior/Teen Intermediate Ballet FP

6-7:30 Junior/Teen Advanced Ballet FP

7:30-8:30 Junior/Teen Dance Technique FP


4-5 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap CT

5-6:30 Elementary Ballet/Tap/Jazz CT

6:30-7:30 Elementary Tumbling CT

7:30-8:30 Junior/Teen Tumbling CT




4-5 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap EA

5-6 Elementary/Junior Art EA

6-7:30 Elementary Ballet/Tap/Jazz EA

7:30-8:30 Elementary Musical Theatre EA


4:30-5 Tiny Tumblers FP

5-6 Performers (Mini Team) FP

6-7:30 Performers (Apprentice Team) FP

7:30-8:30 Adult Tap FP


5-5:30 Tiny/ Elementary Drama EG

5:30-6 Twirling Tots EG

6-7 Junior/Teen Drama EG


5:45-6:30 Tiny Dancers Jazz Funk TBD

6:30-7:30 Elementary Hip-Hop TBD

7:30-8:30 Junior/Teen Hip-Hop CM




5-5:30 Twirling Tots FP

5:30-7 Upper Level Performers Jazz/Contemporary FP

7-8 Junior/Teen Int/Adv Ballet Technique FP


4-5 Junior/Teen Musical Theatre EA

5-6 Junior/Teen Jazz/Contemporary EA

6-7 Elementary Jazz/Contemporary EA

7-8 Junior/Teen Art EA


4:15-5 Tiny Dancers Ballet CT

5-6 Elementary Tumbling CT

6-7 Junior/Teen Tumbling CT




5-5:45 Tiny Dancers Jazz Funk CT

5:45-6:15 Tiny Tumblers CT

6:15-7:15 Elementary Jazz/Hip-Hop CT




9:15-10 Tiny Dancers Jazz Funk AA

10-11 Junior/Teen Hip-Hop AA

11-12 Junior/Teen Dance Technique AA

12-1 Elementary Jazz/Hip-Hop AA


9:30-10 Twirling Tots SS

10-11 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap SS

11-12 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap SS

12-1 Elementary Ballet SS


9-9:30 Tiny Tumblers CT

9:30-11 Elementary Ballet/Tap/Jazz CT

11-12 Elementary Tumbling CT

12-1 Junior/Teen Tumbling CT


10-11 Adult Jazz/Hip-Hop Workout JP

11-12 Elementary Ballet JP




3:30-4 Tiny Tumblers FP

4-4:45 Tiny Dancers Ballet FP

5-6 Junior/Teen Dance Technique FP




Summer Schedule 2018

Registration is done on an external site:

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