(JH) LS FF Grace Arts-01

The 6-week Summer Session runs from June 26th - August 6th, with NO class on July 4th. July 4th will be made up on August 8th


Tots: 2 years old

Tiny Dancers/Actors/Tumblers: 3-4 years old

Level I: 5-7 years old

Level II/III: 8+

Adult: 18+


Listed as

Class Time: Name: Teacher's Initials





9-9:30 Twirling Tots JH

9:30-10:30 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap JH

9:30-10:30 Tumbling I/II FP

10:30-11 Tiny Tumblers FP

10:30-12 Ballet/Tap/Jazz I JH


4-5 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap FP

4:30-5 Twirling Tots AS

5-6 Ballet/Tap I AS

5-6 Tap III/IV FP

6-7 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap AS

6-7:30 Grace Performers A/B Technique FP

7-8 Jazz/Hip-Hop I AS

8-9 Beginning Teen Jazz/Hip-Hop AS

7:30-8:30 Ballet/Contemporary II/III FP






10-11 Jazz/Hip-Hop I/II AS



3:15-4 Tiny Dancers Ballet FP

5-5:45 Tiny Actors Drama EG

5-6 Ballet III/IV FP

6-7 Tumbling II/III FP

6-7 Drama I EG

7-8 Jazz/Hip-Hop II/III KD

7-8 Jazz/Tap I/II FP







4-4:45 Tiny Dancers Ballet FP

4:30-5:30 Ballet I JH

5-5:30 Twirling Tots FP

5:30-6 Tiny Tumblers JH

7-8 Tumbling I/II FP

8-9 Dance Technique II/III FP

8-9 Adult Tap KD







9:30-10 Twirling Tots JH

10-10:45 Tiny Dancers Ballet JH

10:45-11:15 Tiny Tumblers JH



4:30-5:30 Tumbling I/II FP

4:30-5 Twirling Tots AS

6-7 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap AS

5:30-7 Grace Performers A/B Jazz/Contemporary FP

7-8 Tumbling III/IV FP

7-8 Ballet/Contemporary I/II AS

8-9 Beginning Teen Ballet/Contemporary FP






4-4:45 Tiny Dancers Jazz Funk KD

6-7 Hip-Hop I KD






9-10 Grace Performers C FP

9-9:30 Twirling Tots KD

10-11 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap FP

9:30-11 Ballet/Tap/Jazz I KD

11-12 Tumbling I/II FP

12-1 Jazz/Hip-Hop I/II KD

12-1 Tumbling II/III FP





3-4 Teen/Adult Modern KD

3-4 Mini/Junior Show Choir BF

4-4:45 Tiny Dancers Ballet KD

5-6 Adult Hip-Hop KD





Summer Schedule 2017

Registration is done on an external site:

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