(JH) LS FF Grace Arts-01

Summer Schedule 2020

The Summer Session runs from June 22nd - August 1st


(July 4th classes will be made up on August 8th)


Please read our specific in-studio Summer class guidelines HERE.





Tots: Canceled for Summer Session due to COVID-19

Tiny: 3.5-4

Elementary: 5-7

Junior: 8-11

Teen: 12+

Adult: 18+


Listed as time: class: teacher's initials


In Studio Classes




9-9:50am Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap AO

11-11:50am Junior Beginning Ballet/Tap AO


4-4:50 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap FP

4-4:50 Elementary Ballet AS


5-5:50 Competition Team Ballet/Jazz (Ages 5-7) FP


6-6:50 Elementary Hip-Hop BF

6-6:50 Competition Team Jazz (Ages 10-11) FP


7-7:50 Junior/Teen Hip-Hop BF

7-7:50 Competition Team Jazz (Ages 8-9) FP


8-9 Competition Team Jazz (Ages 12+) FP




5-5:45 Tiny Dancers Ballet FP

5-5:50 Junior/Teen Int Ballet AO

5-5:50 Elementary Tumbling AS


6-6:50 Junior/Teen Beg/Int Tumbling FP

6-6:55 Junior/Teen Adv Ballet AO

6-6:50 Elementary Ballet/Contemporary AS


7-7:55 Junior/Teen Int/Adv Tumbling FP

7-8 Adult Ballet/Contemporary AO


8:10-8:40 Beginning Pointe FP





9:15-9:45am Tiny Tumblers BF

11-11:50am Junior/Teen Dance Fusion (ages 8+) BF



5-5:50 Elementary Musical Theatre AO

5-5:50 Competition Team Tap (ages 7-9) FP


6-6:50 Competition Team Tap (ages 10+) FP


7-7:50 Adult Tap AO

7-7:50 Competition Team Stretch/Strengthen (ages 10+) FP


8:05-8:35 Intermediate Pointe FP





11-12:15 Elementary Ballet/Tap/Jazz AS


5-5:45 Tiny Dancers Jazz Funk FP

5-5:50 Junior/Teen Jazz/Contemporary BF


6-6:50 Competition Team Ages 12+ Leaps & Turns FP

6-6:50 Tiny Dancers Ballet/Tap AO


7-7:50 Competition Team Ages 9-11 Leaps & Turns FP

7-7:50 Junior/Teen Musical Theatre AO

7-7:50 Elementary Ballet/Tap BF






10-10:50 Elementary Jazz/Hip-Hop CT


11-11:50 Elementary Tumbling CT

11-11:50 Junior/Teen Hip-Hop BF





4-4:45 Tiny Dancers Ballet FP



Virtual Classes:




10-10:45 Preschool Ballet AO

11-11:45 5-7 year old Ballet/Jazz AO

12-12:45 Ages 8+ Ballet/Contemporary AO




10-10:45 Preschool Ballet FP

11-11:45 5-7 year old Ballet/Jazz FP

12-12:45 Ages 8+ Jazz FP







Registration is OPEN at the link below.

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