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Our goal at Grace Arts is to make the arts as accessible to everyone as it possibly can be. For this reason, we run on monthly installment rates. If you are unable to pay the rate below, please contact us so we can meet and discuss an option that would work for you! Our financial assistance application form can be found here.


An example of how our pricing structure works: because the Spring session has classes from January - May, we have broken up our season payment into five different installment payments due by the 1st class of each month, with a 10% discount applied for those who pay for all five installments by the first day of the first month of the season (for Fall, September; Spring, January; Summer, June). We also decide your hourly rate by the number of family members you have enrolled in our program: if two siblings are enrolled in one hour-long class each, rather than paying $40 twice, you would pay the 2 hour family rate of $55 per installment.


**Please note, monthly payments are installment based on the entire session price, not attendance based. In signing up for a session, you are committing to making a monthly installment payment for the entire session price, which has been broken up into the rates listed below.


**Online payments have a 3.2% convenience fee

Installment Rates*

(per family)


30-45 minutes a week: $35 monthly

45 minutes a week: $38 monthly

1 hour a week: $40 monthly

1.5 hours a week: $48 monthly

2 hours a week: $55 monthly

2.5 hours a week: $60 monthly

3 hours a week: $65 monthly

4 hours a week: $75 monthly

5+ hours a week: $85 for 5 hours +$10 for each additional hour**


*Spring Season has five monthly installments due.

**After a family hits five hours, hours will round up - so if a family is in 5 hours and 30 minutes of class, it will round up to 6 hours

Tuition Policy:

There is a $5 registration fee per family enrolled in the program, due upon registration


Monthly Tuition is due by the 7th of every month. In special circumstances, we will allow families to pay late if they are waiting for their paycheck on the 15th. In this case, tuition will be due on the 20th.  Any family that does not pay their tuition by the 20th will have a $5 late fee added onto their account.


The last day to drop classes for the Spring season is February 15th. Any child that drops after that date owes both their last class attended's month of tuition and a $25 drop fee. See our parent portal for the full policy.